• We consistently build our in-house tools with evaluated parameters via which we design and regulate investments in Online Commodity Trading.
  • Our team of experts constantly analyzes the market statistics and derives logics in-turn leading to Good Trades every single time.
  • We periodically upgrade the logics across product lines based on current & future market scenarios, trends, trade life cycle, etc.
  • We focus on short and long term trades.
  • Whilst adapting to the latest technologies, we are focused towards building an user-friendly platform which fetches us healthy ROI’s.
  • We constantly spend time in understanding market movements and apply the right blend of technical and economic analysis.
  • We execute trades on favorable commodities with significant volatility.
    • ENERGY- Natural Gas, Crude Oil.
    • BULLION- Gold, Silver.
    • METALS – Lead, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Aluminium.


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Founded in the recent era, today the company trades in high volume of soft and hard commodities. We trade round the clock and executed over thousands of trades online.

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